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History you are listening to a part of Ver van huis (From from home)

Some of the dance-performances in which I was involved:

"Mezzing" with a.o.: Beppie Blankert, Kim van der Boom and Harry de Wit


"Echo Papa"   (music-dance and theatre performances) created and played by Annamirl van der Pluijm and Ed de Vos   1986
"Een schep in het zand" (A dig in the sand) Step(s) 1 & Step(s) 2 (music-dance and theatre performances) created and played by Orna Pelleg and Ed de Vos.     1987- 1988
"Draken bestaan niet" (Dragons do not exist) tape-composition for the young-audience dancegroup Pompoen 1994  
Ongezuiverd zuiver (Uncleaned clean) by Daniel Renner at the World Water Fair, The Hague ( live played composition on double-bass)  2000
Creature by Erik van Duyvenbode  in Arboretum, Amsterdam        (CD)                                                        2003
Red Pencil Dance by Erik van Duyvenbode in Dansatelliers, Rottterdam         (CD)                                   2003
HALO by Erik Kaile in Las Palmas, Rotterdam     (1 part on CD)                                                             april    2004
Yang Teryadi by Ayu Ariyati in de Lantaren, Rotterdam         ( live played composition on double-bass)                       april    2004

Blind date"with Conrad Szymanskie en Liat Magnezy in Ruimte in Beweging, Schiedam                                                

november 2008

Other musical activities

De B van Bas (B from Bass) musical performance for children    1994
2 compositions for the silent movie "Man with a movie camera" (1929)  by Dziga Vertov, performed live by the Alliage Orchestra   (Rotterdam) 1996
"What I saw in the water" music for a dance video with Eva Uppenkamp       2008

A selection from my musical history:

Trio Manus               

Marcel Edixhoven-bassclarinet & clarinet, Ed de Vos-bass, Bert van Beek-drums

Festivals: Antwerp, Moers, Groningen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam.

l.p "Trio Manus " BV Haast 010 (1977)

Bunker Sextet 

Harry de Wit-piano&percussion, Wolter Wierbos-trombone, Ab Baars-saxes&clarinet, Mariette Rouppe van der Voort-altosax&flute, Ed de Vos-bass, Rob Peters-drums

1975 - 1978

Festivals : Leiden, NOS International Jazz Festival.


Ed de Vos Trio

Jan Willem van der Ham-altosax, Ed de Vos-bass, Fred van Duynhoven-drums

l.p. "Vice versa" BV Haast 040 (1981)

1980 - 1982

Prisma Orkest              

with a.o. Maarten van Norden /Paul van Kemenade/Bo van de Graaf/Peter van Bergen/Dick de Graaf/Jacques Palinckx/Hans Hasebos/Jeroen Goldsteen/Fred van Duynhoven/Jan Willem van der Ham

Festivals: AVRO Jazz Festival, Heineken Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, NOS International Jazz Festival.(composition assignment)

l.p. Est!, Est!!, Est!!! BV Haast 045 (1982)

1981 - 1986


Van Duynhoven, de Vos & van Duynhoven    


Martin van Duynhoven-electronic- & accoustic drums, Fred van Duynhoven-accoustic drums & percussion, Ed de Vos-bass & digital effects

 1990 - 1991

Festivals: Drumfestival Paradiso,Amsterdam

Ed de Vos Solo  

My first solo-concert was in 1990 in the "Apollohuis" in Eindhoven, which was broadcast by the Dutch VPRO radio.

A television program about my bassplaying with the use of digital effectprocessors was recently broadcast by Rotterdam TV.