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Music for dance    

  • Since 1978 I musically accompany modern dance (Cunningham, Graham en European) and dance- improvisation classes at the Rotterdamse Dans Academie, not only using my doublebass but also playing percussion, piano and synthesizer. In the improvisation and composition-classes I also use music-, sound- and voice samples.

    Mario Camacho,  Michael Schumacher, Gabrielle Staiger, Hilke Diemer, Armgard von Barbeleben, Guy Weissman, Erik Kaiel and  Ellen van Schuylenburch
    are among the teachers and choreographers I worked with inside or outside the walls of the Rotterdamse Dansacademie.

    I am available for playing dance-classes and workshops and for participating in various projects as a composer and/or musician . A well tuned piano and a good sound system for my instruments and equipment would be preferred for any outside engagements.


    mp3 tendus 8/4 84 bpm
    mp3 push ups and stretching 4-4 84 bpm
    mp3 contraction with the high release 100 bpm
    mp3pleadings 72 bpm & piano & djembé
    mp3jumps 8/4 100 bpm
    mp3breathings 2/4 56 bpm
    mp3feet coming forward 4/4 84 bpm
    mp3 3/4 84 bpm piano + djembé