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foto:Zora de Vos     you are listening to a part of Red Pencil Dance

About Ed de Vos

I have been working as a  musician and a composer since 1974. My main instrument is the double-bass, most of the time I play a 5-string Czech double-bass (aged about 35 years).

Since 1978 I have been working at the Rotterdamse Dans Academie where I musically accompany modern dance and dance improvisation classes playing double-bass, piano, percussion and synthesizer.

Among the groups I composed for and played double bass with were Trio Manus, Ed de Vos Trio and the Prisma Orkest

I have also been working intensively with dancers and choreographers outside the academy too. As a composer for the last couple of years, I mainly work for dance performances (see "Music downloads") and create and perform at solo bass concerts.

For these soloconcerts I am using several digital effect-processors and cd's with sound samples, loops and voices. Thus "I create a one-man orchestra with a wide diversity of sounds and musical possibilities"  Both composition and improvisation are important factors in my concerts.Through the years, I developed "an uniquely individual musical language, conjuring up strong cinematographic images".